Cardi B: Invasion Of Privacy Review


         Cardi B is quite what you would call the American Dream: from rags to riches. She has come a long way to fame.

Belcalis Almanzar, known professionally as “Cardi B.,” became one of modern music’s greatest stars since “Bodak Yellow” dropped in June 2017. She’s reckless, shameless, eager and she does all of this with a proud New York accent.

It’s a given that the verses are brilliant and entertaining. In her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, Cardi B features artists like Bad Bunny and Migos. However, in a few cases, the featured artists run the song so much to where Cardi B seems like a guest artist on her own album. SZA, Kehlani, Chance The Rapper, YG, and of course, Bad Bunny and Migos, are the featured artists who sang alongside with Cardi B.

“I like Cardi B’s album a lot because she featured quite a few artists that are amazing to begin with,” said junior Daijah Ford.

It is not surprising who’s album this is at all. Fierce, amusing, and entertaining.m She easily stands her ground, calling out bad boyfriends, and her rising up pretty quickly from “the ghetto” to walking red carpets in tailored gowns.

One of her popular songs in the album, “Be Careful,” is a powerful swerve. Cardi B is singing very peacefully in this song; the topic is about her heart and that she doesn’t want to destroy it. Cardi B shifts from “taking a punch” to actually giving one.

“This album is amazing and one of my favorites is “Be Careful,” said junior Kendall Lacy.

Personal lifestyle is not a key topic in a song among rappers but Cardi openly talks about her path to success through her music and will continue to set her apart from other rappers.

This album was amazing which continues to leave her in the sunshine of fame.

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