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Expectations Album Review

Releasing her utmost anticipated album, Hayley Kiyoko is breaking new grounds as a pop and openly gay music artist.

Beautifully mastered, meticulously placed, artfully sung – Kiyoko’s Expectations album, which was released on March 30th, 2018, is by far her best work. Kiyoko captures what it is like to be in love in the nightlife of Los Angeles, including the risks and highs that all come along when following your heart.  

The Expectations album starts off it’s first track with “Expectations/Overture”, a beautiful two-minute instrumental song that pulls the listener in while simultaneously setting the mood for the rest of the tracks. The orchestrated piece harmonizes with Kiyoko’s vocalizing and electronic beats to give off a tranquil mood. When listening to this first track, you’ll imagine being in paradise on a white sandy beach with a clear blue ocean.

Track 3 is a song to dance to with the windows down as you cruise down the street on a sunny day. “What I need” combines Kehlani’s fierce and feminine flare with Kiyoko’s smooth and sleek attitude. These two strong women definitely make it clear in this powerful track that they are serious and have no time for “putting on a show”. This catchy, upbeat song is an anthem for real love.

Taking the listener through an emotional rollercoaster, “Sleepover” is a song that we can all relate to if you’ve ever been in love with your best friend. The opening verse is raw, beautiful, and seraphic. Track 4 hits home for all as Kiyoko places her heart on her sleeve in this emotion-driven and powerful song.

Lastly on the album as track 13: “Let it Be”. This last song is a heart wrenching yet empowering song that truly serves as a reminder – which is a great way to end such an album. This three minute and forty-one second song encompasses the emotions towards letting “the one” get away, as Kiyoko reassures us that it is okay to simply “Let it Be”. That sometimes, situations are out of our grasp and it is okay to live with the “what if/could have been” uncertainty.

Overall, Kiyoko’s album, Expectations, is full of effortless transitions (“He’ll Never Love You” to “Palms”), raw emotions, and hip electronic beats. Kiyoko set the bar not only for herself but for other electro-pop female artists as well.

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