Dress Up Your Confidence

Fashion has been around for centuries and has been viewed as a way to represent the true embodiment of a person behind their stylish outfits. Women in the 60’s wore shorter skirts and added accessories as a way to prove to society that they didn’t need to constantly look civil or act mannerly. Men would also express their fashion sense through styling other models and showing that it’s normal for men to portray their feminine side with fashion. Currently, teenagers have utilized their style as a way to express themselves and gain the confidence they’ve always admired in others.

The fashion world is continuously changing and has become a central source for teenagers to discover their own styles and learn more about themselves.

“Now that I have my own kind of look developed, it really helps in not comparing myself to others, I have something of my own that’s unique to my taste, and I know what looks good on me,” senior Bela Mcgough said.

Clothing sets up a foundation for people to create a trademark allowing students to powerfully express themselves to the world. There are some teenagers who visualize fashion as a form of art, or as a method to maintain their true self.

“Recently, I’ve been venturing out of my usual all-black outfits and getting clothes with a little more color, and so far, it’s really been working in developing my own creative image,” senior Andy Nguyen said.

Feeling lost in high school is not only extremely common, but completely normal. Finding the strength and courage to unapologetically be yourself, and the confidence to do so, is undeniably difficult to encounter as a teenager.

“As the years go on I’m becoming more confident; teachers have also noticed since I have been participating more in class,” junior Isabella Maldonado said.

From self assurance to verbal affirmation, style is appreciated through many ways, one of which being from the admiration of others.  

“I’ll wear a skirt and heels and people compliment what I look like, it just makes me feel good,” freshman Zoe May said.

Fashion will always be a huge part of society, continuing to change with new trends coming to life, and even old ones returning. The neverending trend of using fashion to create statements and styles is carried on by today’s youth.

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