What NOT to do When Applying For Colleges

There’s no correct or incorrect way to apply for colleges, everyone manages to get it done in their own way – or not at all. Yet, there are a lot of mistakes a student can make when going through this tiresome and stressful process.

The first major aspect to avoid is procrastination, which seems to be the number one avoidable task by all teenagers. When it comes to applying, there are certain deadlines that you much reach, and if waited until the last minute, it can become overwhelming. Don’t wait to do things the last minute, it’s better to spread out parts of the application so you have time to do everything. Another thing about deadlines, it’s preferable to send applications as soon as they are finished, because the earlier it’s sent the greater chance you have of getting admitted.

Additionally, don’t expect your parents to hold your hand and help every step of the way, although they will support you along the way don’t rely on them to do it for you. Applications are for the student and the student only, this is your one chance to prove that you’re ready for the college life and responsible enough for it. It’s easy to get caught up in your parents choices for what school they believe suits best for you, but don’t waste an application on a college you are not completely sure about. Yes, it’s good to have options, but since the application fee is quite expensive, it is best to leave it to the schools you’re most excited for.

A final major fallout to avoid is not scheduling college tours, without one you won’t be able to look around or get to experience the school before you attend. There’s a difference between viewing it online and being there in person, it’s a unique type of feeling. The college application process is not to be taken lightly, for this is the foundation of what your future will turn out to be. Being prepared and stress free is the easiest way to get them submitted and over with, so don’t slack and use your time wisely and remember that this isn’t benefitting anyone else except for you.


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