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Story By: Trey Vondenstein, Sports Manager

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The brand new Legacy Stadium is the most expensive high school athletic stadium in the entire nation; coming out to a total of $75 million. With top tier equipment, luxurious turf, exemplary seating, and an enormous Jumbotron, there are many great things that high school athletes can use and experience. However, being viewed as the most expensive high school football stadium in the nation, this is not the only thing that Legacy Stadium is used for.

“I love it,” senior Dori Mallinger said. “The size and the atmosphere of everything in the stadium is amazing.”

The giant goal posts and yard line markers on the field may distract some from viewing the stadium as a place to hold a soccer match, the field has certain lines on the turf that are specific to soccer, and not football. As crowded as it may look, the athletes don’t necessarily view the many lines as a distraction.

“It’s not hard at all,” senior Juan Cairo said. “After you’ve been playing for a while, it’s easy to just block out all of the extra lines on the field.”

Although both Legacy Stadium and the Spartan Stadium serve the same purpose, they are in no other way the same. As the Spartan Stadium portrays a strong sense of a home field advantage, Legacy stadium has a much more prosperous feel to it.

“Legacy is so much better in my opinion,” Cairo said. “It truly is amazing. The turf is a lot higher and softer, which makes it easier to control the ball because we like to spread the field out.”

Although the giant new Legacy Stadium is viewed as a dominant football stadium, that is by far not the only use for it.

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