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  • Photo Gallery: Spring Soccer Highlights

    Photo Gallery: Spring Soccer Highlights

    Story By: Kiara Reyes, Editor in Chief

    During the game against Tompkins, JVA player and grade Junior Smith defends the ball from the opposing team.

  • Homework: Helpful or Hindering?

    Homework: Helpful or Hindering?

    Story By: Rafael Valdes, Staff Writer

    Recently, many students across Katy ISD have been petitioning the district to reduce the amount of homework assigned to students. These students felt like the homework was excessive and useless. Students should accept the amount of homework assigned.   Homework reinforces lessons taught in the classroom. In subjects like mathematics, homework gives students different types of problems and encourages critical thinking. As the old adage s...

  • Where in Katy is Cathleen? Marini’s Empanada House!

    Where in Katy is Cathleen? Marini’s Empanada House!

    Story By: Cathleen Zhang, Staff Writer / Empanada Connoisseur

    In Where in Katy is Cathleen?, Cathleen introduces you to the wonderful world of empanadas, which are fried to order filled with a variety of sweet and umami flavors. Enjoy Marini's tasty empanadas at 3522 South Mason Road, Katy, TX 77450!

    The bold sign is a reminder that Marini's is not in heaven. But that there can be heaven on Earth as well.

  • Collateral Beauty Movie Review

    Collateral Beauty Movie Review

    Story By: Laura Fouad, Advertising Manager

    Collateral Beauty, premiering on December 16th, is similar in concept to the story of “A Christmas Carol” with the past, present, and future ghosts, but Collateral Beauty has a more modern and sorrowful twist to it. The movie is about a man named Howard (Will Smith) suffering a great tragedy of his daughter dying and seeking answers from the universe by writing letters to Love, Time, and Death. However, when his letters bring unexpected responses,...

  • A Letter to

    A Letter to

    Story By: Gaby Salazar, Social Media Manager

    Dear 2017, It's already been a month and so far you’ve been disappointing; but not as disappointing as 2016 was. You’ve been full of protesting and Donald Trump’s cruel decisions within so little time into his presidency. But I’m not here to talk about politics, I’m here to discuss the tragic year that was 2016. The main element of what made it incredibly disastrous were all the deaths that happened throughout the year. Of cours...

  • The xx “I See You” Review

    The xx “I See You” Review

    Story By: Ashleigh Hickman, Copy Editor

    The xx are an English band formed in 2005. Members Jamie “xx” Smith, Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim, and past member Baria Qureshi released their debut album xx in 2009. With an eccentric style, the band is classified as “indie-pop”, “dream-pop”, and “indie-electronic”. Their second album Coexist was released in 2012 and ranked number 5 on Billboard 200 at its peak. The band released their third studio album I See You on January 13, 2017,...

Animal Support

Story By: Skylar Johnston, Staff Writer

According to a survey held by the Humane Society, 79.7 million Americans own pets. Seeing that 65% of the population own a pet in their home there must be a reason, other than the fact that they are cut...

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The student news site of Seven Lakes High School
The student news site of Seven Lakes High School